Get Big With This Giant Set Upper Body Workout

Looking to get bigger? If so, then your fitness levels need to be tested. With that said, here is a giant set workout for your upper body.

On chest day, you’ll do two types of bench presses and two types of flyes. The exercises you’ll do, and in order, is the bench press, incline bench press, machine flyes and dumbbell flyes. You’ll do 6-8 reps per exercise, with no rest in between. The total number of giant sets you’ll do is five, which will be the equivalent of doing 20 traditional sets.

To sum it up, the workout looks like this:

. Bench press
. Incline bench press
. Machine flyes
. Dumbbell flyes
. 5 total giant sets
. 6-8 reps per exercise

Your shoulder workout will consist of doing two types of presses and three other exercises. You’ll do 6-8 reps of barbell shoulder presses, followed by dumbbell presses, followed by front raises, side raises and rear delt rows. Just like with the barbell shoulder press, you’ll do 6-8 reps per exercise and you’ll do a total of three giant sets

To sum up the workout, you’ll do:

. Barbell presses
. Dumbbell presses
. Front raises with dumbbell
. Side raises with dumbbell
. Rear delt rows
. 3 giant sets
. 6-8 reps per exercise

Three different types of rows and two types of pull-downs is what you’ll be doing for upper back, and you’ll do an exercise for your lower back. The five exercises you’ll do are barbell rows, machine rows, cable rows, front pull-downs and behind the neck pull-downs. Do those exercises in order and do 6-8 reps per exercise, and make sure you use a wide grip on both pull-downs. Also, the last exercise you’ll do is the dead-lift, and you’ll do a total of 5-6 giant sets.

In short, below is what this back workout consists of:

. Barbell rows
. Machine rows
. Cable rows
. Front pull-downs
. Behind the neck pull-downs
. Dead-lifts
. 6-8 reps per exercise
. 5-6 giant sets in total

When you train arms, you’ll do three exercises for your biceps and three exercises for your triceps. You’ll do your biceps first, followed by your triceps. The three exercises you’ll do for biceps include standing barbell curls, hammer curls and concentration curls. After you do those three exercises, you’ll do close-grip bench presses, weighted dips and triceps push-downs. Do 6-8 reps per set and only do 2-3 total giant sets.

In short, do 6-8 reps:

. Barbell curls
. Hammer curls
. Concentration curls
. Close-grip bench press
. Weighted dips
. Triceps push-downs

Your ab workout will consist of doing crunches on a machine, sit-ups on an exercise ball, hanging leg raises and side bends with a dumbbell. Do them in that order and do as many reps as you can. Do a total of 6-7 giant sets.

In short, your ab workout looks like this:

. Crunches on machine
. Sit-ups on exercise ball
. Hanging leg raises
. Side bend with a dumbbell
. As many reps as you can per exercise
. Total of 6-7 giant sets

Train with heavy weight and rest for 60 seconds after completing the last exercise of each giant set. Also, train abs three days per week and do each giant set workout once per week.

In short:

. Use heavy weight
. Train abs three times per week
. Do each workout once per week

Stick with this giant set workout for 4-5 weeks and you’ll take your fitness to a whole new level and you’ll be bigger in no time.